Do You Have A Plan In Place For The Future?

Documenting wishes for the distribution of personal property and otherwise preparing for death and incapacity are important steps for nearly everyone. At some point, most of us must also navigate practical and legal matters when a family member passes away. At Kidwell & Kent, we provide full-service counsel and representation in all such situations.

Protect Your Family And Create A Legacy

Our long-standing, family-owned law firm is a proven resource for people across the cultural and economic spectrum who need estate planning services. Our Rockville, Maryland, and Fairfax, Virginia, estate planning lawyers will listen carefully to your concerns and goals. We will explain and propose solutions ideally suited to your needs and handle all the details.

Our attorneys' knowledge and capabilities cover estate planning needs at all levels of complexity. Whether you need a relatively simple, basic last will and testament, a trust or a comprehensive plan for a large estate, we can help. We frequently provide:

  • Wills and trusts ideally suited to our clients' needs and goals
  • Financial powers of attorney and medical powers of attorney (sometimes called living wills or advance directives)
  • Revocable living trust agreements, special needs trusts and a range of other specialized vehicles to account for unique situations and objectives, including minimization of lawfully preventable estate taxes
  • Charitable gifting strategies and the documents required to execute them
  • Guardianships to enable proper care for disabled and incapacitated family members
  • Additional elder law services, including Medicaid planning and life care planning

Receive Help Administering An Estate

In a time of great personal loss and concern for other family members, dealing with the affairs of a deceased loved one can be an overwhelming experience. We offer real sensitivity as well as eminently professional legal counsel in these matters. As an executor, personal representative, beneficiary to an estate or other interested party, our goal is to reward your confidence in our firm in every way possible.

Avoid Mistakes And Plan With Confidence

For an open, informative consultation focused on your specific needs, please contact us in Fairfax or Rockville today. Our family-owned law firm is here to serve you and is designed for the American Family.