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Thoughtful items you can leave in your will

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2024 | Wills

When planning a will, most people think about leaving money, property, or family heirlooms. However, there are many other meaningful items and gestures you can include that may hold great sentimental value for your loved ones. Here’s a look at some thoughtful and unique items you can leave in your will that go beyond traditional assets.

Family recipes

For many people, family recipes are more than just instructions for preparing food—they are cherished traditions that evoke fond memories of family gatherings and special occasions. By including a family recipe in your will, you can ensure that these precious memories live on. Consider putting together a binder of favorite recipes along with stories about why they are significant, and leave this collection to someone special in your family.

Legacy gifts

If you have supported charities or causes during your lifetime, consider leaving a legacy gift to these organizations in your will. This type of bequest can help ensure that your support for these causes continues even after your passing, and it can be a powerful way to be remembered.

Personal collections

If you have a collection of items such as records, books, art, or even vintage cars, you can specify in your will who you would like to inherit these items. Often, the value of a collection comes from the joy it brought you during your lifetime, and passing it on can share that joy with others.

A posthumous celebration

You can also use your will to arrange and fund a gathering or celebration in your memory. This can be a wonderful way for friends and family to come together and remember you in a festive and positive light. For instance, setting aside funds for a party at a favorite venue or restaurant can provide a meaningful way for your loved ones to celebrate your life.

A piece of history

Leaving something unique, like a birthday or a special holiday, can also be a touching gift. This idea was famously realized by author Robert Louis Stevenson, who left his birthday to a friend who hated having hers on Christmas. This type of gift adds a personal and whimsical touch to your will.

Your will can be a way to leave a lasting impression on the people and causes you care about. By thinking outside the box and including personal, thoughtful items, you can make your will a true reflection of your values and interests. These gestures can mean the world to your loved ones and serve as a lasting reminder of your life and legacy.