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Our Firm As A Pillar Of The Community

We Are Dedicated To Giving Back….

The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent has been peer nominated and awarded as a Top Law Firm in Virginia not just because of our tireless efforts on behalf of our clients, but most importantly, because of our continued efforts to give back to the community. Our dedication to charitable contributions and being involved in the community we serve, live, and grew up in, is what makes our firm what we are.

We are honored to have been awarded by the Heritage Registry as a Pillar of the Community and by the American Institute of Family Lawyers as a Top 10 Law Firm in Virginia for customer satisfaction.

Our mission at The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent is to be your family’s lawyer for life. Our firm is designed to be able to assist the average person, family and business with most of their legal needs throughout their life.

That is how The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent is a Law Firm Designed For the American Family!

At The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent, we’ve found that the best way to give back to the community is through the volunteering of our time and our mental energies through pro bono work and education. We achieve our goal of charity and education in the community through three main areas of dedication.

Please click below to read or watch educational videos, to join us for an educational seminar, or to follow us and join an event. We look forward to working with you to make our community a better and more just place to live.

In the community

Events In The Community

Everyone who works at The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent is regularly involved in community events. We host block parties, community walks for causes, etc.

Books By John Kidwell

Books And Videos

Owner, John Kidwell, has written a number of books designed to help families achieve their financial and legal goals. We also have a library of educational videos.

Practice Areas

Photo of the books by John Kidwell

Educational Books

By John Kidwell, Owner & Managing Partner

John Kidwell, owner and managing partner of Kidwell & Kent, has written a number of books that are extremely helpful to many of his clients. Quick reads, his books are designed to help you better understand specific areas of law, through clear and concise explanations. Some are downloadable here for free, and others are available on Amazon.