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Comprehensive Legal Services For Commercial Real Estate

At The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent, every settlement is supervised or conducted by an attorney, who is available to answer questions prior to, during and even after the settlement.
We are approved attorneys for all of the title insurance companies doing business in this area, and through our title agency, Old Dominion Title Services, Inc., we obtain lenders’ and owners’ title insurance at very reasonable rates for our clients as a normal part of our services.

We Provide The Best Available Rates For Title Insurance

Through the combined resources of The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent and Old Dominion Title Services, Inc., home buyers and sellers receive a Settlement Advantage. They receive legal representation at settlement from the attorneys at The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent at no additional charge, and they receive title insurance through Old Dominion Title Services, Inc., at the best rates available.

Setting The Bar For Commercial Real Estate Representation

Any commercial real estate transaction or concern involving property in our service areas is a matter of great financial importance. Our accomplished law firm has been a steadfast resource for business owners, developers, sellers and purchasers of commercial property for decades. We provide rigorous protection of our valued clients’ interests in contract negotiations, settlements, high-stakes real estate litigation and more.

We Are Champions For Our Clients In All Real Estate Matters

At The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent, we have in-depth knowledge across the spectrum of real estate law and a range of capabilities that set us apart from other law firms. Our commercial and residential real estate clients receive extensive personal attention from attorneys as well as tremendous advantages in costs and efficiency derived from the services of our title agency, Old Dominion Title Services, Inc.

What Types Of Commercial Real Estate Cases Do You Take?

Our commercial real estate services are comprehensive and informed by vast, current market knowledge in addition to immersion in the relevant legal issues. Our Rockville and Fairfax commercial real estate attorneys are premier resources for:

  • Real estate contract preparation, review, supervision and execution on behalf of commercial property sellers and purchasers
  • Representation in all settlement negotiations and other dealings with real estate agents, banks and other loan origination entities
  • Underwriting of title insurance under the full supervision of a qualified lawyer
  • Counsel and representation essential to favorably resolving any type of commercial real estate dispute that may arise, from a commercial leasing dispute to creditor-debtor concerns or breach of contract allegations in any form
  • Complete, full-service representation for businesses that need legally solid operating agreements and other contracts developed, face concerns, or have any of a broad range of other concerns involving real property

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To discuss your immediate or ongoing needs involving real estate law, please contact us in Fairfax (703-988-7429) or Rockville (301-264-7185) today. We will be happy to consult with you to discuss our range of services and what we can accomplish for you.

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By John Kidwell, Owner & Managing Partner

John Kidwell, owner and managing partner of Kidwell & Kent, has written a number of books that are extremely helpful to many of his clients. Quick reads, his books are designed to help you better understand specific areas of law, through clear and concise explanations. Some are downloadable here for free, and others are available on Amazon.