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How To Challenge Misdemeanor And Felony Criminal Or Traffic Charges

Traffic violations and minor criminal charges are not necessarily a reflection of one’s character. Even a respectful, intelligent person may find themselves facing a difficult situation. Although these cases may not carry prison sentences, they can still have a significant impact. Collateral consequences may include issues with a professional licensing agency or tough questions in the interview process following a background check.

Could there be a way to keep an alleged offense off of your record? It depends on exactly what happened. But misdemeanor and felony criminal and traffic charges deserve a serious response. As part of our wide-ranging legal services to our community, The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent defends clients against criminal charges. Our experienced attorneys are committed to building a relationship with each client – and we want to be there for you through any legal issue.

Why Minor Offenses Are Worth Fighting

Common criminal and traffic defense cases that we skillfully navigate include:

  • Misdemeanor and felony DUI
  • Reckless driving
  • Assault and domestic violence
  • Drug possession
  • Shoplifting and minor theft

Regardless of the situation, if you face criminal charges of any kind, you need to know the stakes. The potential consequences for minor crimes and traffic tickets in Maryland and Virginia can affect your present as well as your future.

Penalties for these cases could include jail time and expensive fines, which may strain a family’s finances. A conviction also puts a mark on your record, which could create hurdles in the way of your future. Therefore, it is important to build your defense with a reliable attorney.

Determine What Comes Next

We take criminal and traffic defense cases as seriously as any other legal problem that we resolve. If you face complex charges that require further assistance, we can refer you to a trusted criminal defense attorney in our professional network.

With offices in Fairfax and Rockville, The Law Offices of Kidwell & Kent dutifully serves the Washington, D.C., area. Call or contact us online for a direct consultation with an attentive lawyer today. Call us in Fairfax (703-988-7429) or Rockville (301-264-7185) today.

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